The entire County of Bucks has seen a total of ten mosquito treatments since the end of July. Friday night in Bristol Township, the usual Adulticide spray will change to Altoside larvicide.

Phillip Smith, Bucks County Mosquito Control Coordinator, explained the Department of Health has focused on adult mosquitoes, not the larvae. He explained any hard to reach places the Adulticide may have missed will be targeted by the larvicide.

“The cemetery, woodland areas, any places water might be held,” Smith listed, “the larvicide will find its way into and stop some of the breeding going on. We are hopeful but this is more of an experiment.”

The Altoside larvicide will dispense from truck-mounted equipment at a rate of five ounces per acre. The following areas will be affected:

  • Norman Avenue
  • Dixon Avenue
  • Prospect and Memorial from Newport Road to Newportsville Road
  • Cross-avenues of Franklin, Spring, Sheldon and Norwood Avenues

The Bucks County Department of Health wants to protect the community from West Niles virus as best as possible. Smith believes the larvicide will help gain more information.

“When we go back to post trap after all that (the spray) we are finding that there are still high numbers,” Smith said of the mosquito counts. “Which means we killed everything that we could see that night but mosquitoes are still breeding somewhere and the population is replenishing a day or two after the spray.”

Smith said the risk of West Nile virus through mosquitoes will be a concern until the first frost of the season.

“We will try this new method to reduce the breeding habitat of the mosquito so there are fewer mosquitoes in the community.”

The Bucks County Department of Health plans to spray a couple of additional areas with Altoside larvicide.

If the weather permits, Bristol Township will be sprayed Friday beginning at 9 p.m. A rain date has been scheduled at this time.