The Falls Township Board of Supervisors has a new face.

Board members appointed Erin Mullen to fill the spot of former Supervisor Jeff Rocco at Monday’s meeting. Rocco left his post earlier this year citing increased travel and responsibilities at his job in the IT field.

Mullen works as a litigation paralegal at Kaufman Coren & Ress, a law firm in Philadelphia. She grew up in the city, but moved to Falls Township in 2008. Mullen lives with her husband Erik Kepcsynski and two children.

Falls Township Supervisor Erin Mullen. Image via Falls Township.

“Thank you to the residents. While I know appointments are different than elections, I just want to be clear that I’ll do my very best effort to fulfill the duties as if you picked me.”

Mullen’s addition makes her the only woman on the board. She will hold the position through the end of 2023, which would be the end of Rocco’s term.