The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is giving motorists with outstanding toll violation and bills until Friday to pay back their debts.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s (PTC) amnesty program is a new law that will take effect August 4. Act 165 was signed last fall and will suspend the vehicle registration of Pennsylvania drivers with any outstanding tolls and fees totaling over $500, or if a driver has six or more separate instances of violation.

Duncan Solution, the PTC’s collection agency, has received toll violations older than 60 days, these payments must be made in full along with a portion of other outstanding fees. Under the new program, toll bill violators newer than 60 days may be settled by paying in full with other fees forgiven.

Violators can call 1-877-PENNPASS (1-877-736-6727) to take advantage of this amnesty program.

The program has seemed to be working well since it was launched on July 5th. Craig R. Shuey, PA Turnpike Chief Operating Officer, noted a lot of success in the first three weeks.

“We resolved 19,449 violation notices totaling roughly $1.1 million,” said Shuey. “And while it represents a fraction of the 10,611 violators who collectively owe the PA Turnpike $17.1 million, it is revenue we didn’t have a month ago.”

Shuey says anyone who would be suspended due to the new law should call now to have their fees waived.

To learn more about the partial-amnesty program, or to check if you have unpaid PA Turnpike toll violations, visit