Falls Township residents can expected a smoother ride throughout their neighborhoods thanks to a new rule.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a “curb to curb ordinance” at their last meeting to ensure roads are fixed following construction. It requires a developer or utility repair company to repair the entire road after excavating a portion of the street.

Supervisor Chairman Bob Harvie said roads fixed in part tend to be “lumpy,” and this should solve the problem.

“This makes (the developer or utility company) have to do it,” Harvie said. “They have to patch the entire road.”

Township attorney Lauren Gallagher says a complete repaving of roads will make sure “pavement is even and less likely to fall into repair.” To top it off, the companies are financially responsible for any patchiness found within a year of their repairs.

Penalties for delays will motivate companies to make repairs in a timely manner. A permanent road must be in place within 30 days of any temporary fixes. More details are available on the Falls Township website.