New Direct Primary Health Office Opens In Yardley

Dr. Jacqueline Slakoper Delessio in a physician room at R-Health in Yardley. Photo by Rick Rickman.


A popular health choice in New Jersey is spreading to Pennsylvania, offering more options to patients for primary care. R-Health is now open in the Makefield Executive Quarters on North Oxford Valley Road in Yardley.

The difference became clearer once Dr. Jacqueline Slakoper Delessio pulled back the curtain. At her previous employer, she managed up to 3,000 patients. At R-Health, she is capped to manage roughly half as many patients.

The waiting area at R-Health Yardley. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Slakoper told WBCB she found her old position frustrating. Many doctors are paid and evaluated based on the number of patients they see in a day.

“Often, primary care physicians are required to be in and out of the room with a patient in 8 to 15 minutes,” Slakoper said. “That makes it very hard to have comprehensive primary care and really partner with our patients.”

Instead, R-Health charges a $79 monthly. The monthly rate means there is no incentive to churn out appointments. Primary care doctors can take as long as they need to focus on one person.

This smaller workload, combined with an app called Spruce, allow for much faster response times. A patient at R-Health can contact their physician and set up an appointment within 24 hours.

Among other advantages, physicians at R-Health are able to address many needs without sending patients to specialists. Diabetes management, rashes, nutrition and weight loss, and flu symptoms are all on the list.

R-Health’s Yardley office is located at 301 Oxford Valley Rd, Suite 1501. It opened its doors earlier this month and has an all new facility. This is only the second location in Pennsylvania, though New Jersey has seven offices.

There are no co-pays and focuses on the membership model.

More information about R-Health is available on their website They are accepting new enrollment.

Dr. Jacqueline Slakoper Delessio speaks with WBCB about R-Health, aired Oct. 31 at 1 p.m. on Views From the Hill with Rick Rickman.