New COVID-19 Cases Remain Low In Bucks, Deaths Far Lower

Bucks County Director of Health Dr. David Damsker speaks at a coronavirus press conference.

The rate of new coronavirus cases in Bucks County is holding steady, but deaths have dropped considerably.

Health officials reported between 20 and 26 new cases per day for a total of 218 in the time from July 1 to July 9. In this same nine day period, no one died of COVID-19 in Bucks.

As reports have become less frequent since Bucks entered the green phase, there is not yet public data from after July 9.

Additionally, the number of patients in Bucks hospitals is much lower as well. Only 31 people are hospitalized with coronavirus. Seven of them are in critical condition.

These are the lowest numbers since March 31. Bucks Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker applauded the results.

“We now have the lowest numbers of hospitalized Bucks County residents since March,” said Damsker. “Given the recent increases in travel-related infections from states with higher incidences of COVID-19, we need to maintain the same common-sense health and safety practices that have gotten us this far in Bucks County.”

Damsker is referencing new cases stemming from out-of-state travel. In the first week of July, nearly half of all new positives were the result of traveling to different states including New Jersey, Arizona, and South Carolina.

A total of 5,576 Bucks residents have tested positive for coronavirus. 3,912 of them have made full recoveries.

Meantime, 510 deaths are attributed to COVID-19. 408 were residents of long term care facilities.