COVID-19 is on the run in Bucks County as vaccinations appear to be driving away the virus.

The most recent data shows the seven day rolling average is 108 cases per day. This is a rate not seen since early November 2020, six months ago.

Hospitalizations have also decreased to 64. Ten of them are on ventilators.

Meantime, health officials attributed 12 deaths last week to COVID-19 down from 22 the week prior. This brings the total death count to 1,264 as of this weekend.

More than 194,000 people are fully vaccinated in Bucks, with another almost 100,000 partially protected.

Bucks Health Director Dr. David Damsker was also excited by the FDA’s decision to make the Pfizer vaccine available to children as young as 12. He recommended every newly eligible person to get the vaccine.

“Even though COVID doesn’t affect kids very much overall, getting vaccinated helps lower the spread in the community,” Damsker said. “That ends up protecting everyone in the end, and will help us shed these wretched masks.”

All five county-run vaccine clinics are offering the Pfizer vaccine to people under 18 years old. They are also offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but only to those 18 years old and up.