After the greatest single day increase of cases in Bucks Tuesday, the number of new cases dropped to 53 on Wednesday.

This latest increase more in line with the drop in new cases the county saw over Easter weekend. It brings the the county total to 1,450.

With few exceptions, an overwhelming majority of new cases are medical professionals or those living in long term care facilities. Additionally, Bucks Director of Health Dr. David Damsker says about half of the county’s deaths have been residents of long term care facilities.

“While the overall numbers of new cases each day are starting to go down, we are going to continue to see deaths going up in congregate care facilities,” Damsker said.

A lock down at Bucks County Correctional Facility will continue. One new inmate tested positive Wednesday.

Ten prisoners and eleven officers at the facility have tested positive for coronavirus. They will remain in isolation until making full recoveries.

Meanwhile, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office revealed about 30 percent of inmates at the jail have been released or placed under house arrest.

The DA’s Office called this a necessary move for the safety of staff and the incarcerated. DA Matt Weintraub says his office has had considerable input into which prisoners are released, but notes some inmates were released over his office’s objections.

“Despite some prisoners being released over our objections, we continue to work with the prison to strike a balance between public safety and the safety of those working in the jail, versus the jail’s ability to safely manage both the sick and healthy jail populations during this COVID pandemic.”

The state is also separately considering releasing 22 prisoners in Bucks from state prisons. Weitraub’s office has objected to all except four. These four inmates did not commit violent crimes and each were within 90 days of their minimum sentence.