Doors opened at 6:30 this morning at a new Chic-fil-A in Bensalem. Located at 1525 Street Road, the restaurant offers everything people expect from their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Customers wait in line for chicken sandwiches and other Chick-fil-A menu items.

More than 100 people camped out for 24 hours awaiting the grand opening in anticipation of winning 52 free meals, one per week over the course of a year.

Owner John Marple was hard at work Thursday morning ensuring the open goes smoothly after a decade of planning.

“For about 10 years, we’ve been trying to get a restaurant set up here in Bensalem,” Marple said. “Problem is its just so built up, every lot has been spoken for and Chick-fil-A just couldn’t find the right property. But when this one became available a couple years ago, we jumped on it.

Marple is the operator of another Chick-fil-A in Willow Grove Park. However, he is quickly adjusting to the locals.

“Ever since I was selected for this restaurant, I’ve been amazed by the support of the community and I’ve fallen in love with the community,” Marple said. “I’m excited to serve the community.”

Campers wait out early in the morning hoping to win free meals.

As part of the opening, Chick-fil-A gave out a year supply of meals to the first 100 people who camped out overnight. The tailgating party brought in 104 guests, and the four who did not make the cut received a goodie bag for trying.

“I am excited to bring Chick-fil-A to Bensalem and have an opportunity to serve the community outside my restaurant,” Maple said. “I am committed to developing my Team Members as together we provide remarkable experience to our guests who become part of our family.”

The restaurant is sizeable, seating 125 customers. It will be open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. and closed Sundays.┬áIt also joins the community as Bensalem’s third Chick-fil-A, with the other two near Neshaminy Mall.