Sean Kratz, 21, gets a new attorney days after he shocked a courtroom with his unwillingness to accept a plea deal for his involvement in the Solebury Slayings in July 2017.

The Bucks County Clerk of Courts received a document Monday stating Kratz will be represented by Keith Williams, a Doylestown based attorney, as opposed to his former attorney, Craig Penglase.

According to the petition, “A potential conflict of interest now exists between the Defendant and Penglase…continued representation of the Defendant by Penglase neither serves the best interest of the Defendant nor the interest of Justice.”

Sean Kratz, 2017 mugshot

Penglase was court ordered to represent Kratz on Oct. 2, 2017, ahead of a scheduled formal arraignment that was continued to Dec.

The petition for alternate conflict council was filed on the Friday following the May 16 hearing where Kratz turned down a 59-to-118-year plea deal with the District Attorney’s office. The prosecution made clear they will seek the death penalty.

“We all were expecting him to take the plea deal, I believe the paperwork was filled out,” DA Matt Weintraub said. “Don’t misunderstand me he has an absolute right to change his mind at any time up until he’s sentenced…he exercised his constitutional right today (and) personally I’m disappointed.”

During that same press conference following the hearing, Weintraub told the media Kratz’ interview from late April will be sealed and likely used as evidence in the trial. However, tapes were “leaked” to a couple of news organizations, posted on their websites, and heard by countless curious people. The tape also leaked was convicted murdered, Cosmo DiNardo’s confession to the four brutal murders last summer.

According to Kratz’ latest docket sheet, Judge Jeffrey Finely ordered a seal on “Sean Kratz 2nd Interview” as of Friday, May 18.

Defense Attorney, Neils Eriksen, dealing with the death penalty side of the case remains on Kratz’ counsel and has not returned comment; along with DA Gregg Shore, Craig Penglase, and Keith Williams.