As April nears its end, students are learning about the importance of their township’s governing body during County Government Month.

Middletown Township Manager Stephanie Teoli Kuhls and other government officials visited three Neshaminy elementary schools as part of the annual project to educate second graders on the importance of local government and how they can get involved in helping their communities.

While it’s normally a tough call to see if elementary students will enjoy certain presentations, the second graders were enthralled by the interactive presentations which had them identify certain government buildings with the help of elected officials and police officers.

“Students are great. They are very interactive, they’re very excited,” Ms. Teoli Kuhls said. “To be honest with you, they are always very excited when there’s a police officer in the room. That’s probably the highlight for them.”

The presentations concluded with how the students could involve themselves in local government and their community. Perhaps some of us adults could use a refresher course into how to participate in the local government as well.

“Sending a letter or providing feedback about what types of thing they’d like to see in their community or in their local government,” Ms. Teoli Kuhls said were ways they told students to participate.

“I would really just encourage parents as well to get involved. Volunteer, come out to meetings, and have a voice in your community.”