We’re no strangers to floods in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, laced as we are with the mighty Delaware River, the Neshaminy Creek and many other lesser known waterways that also occasionally spill over their banks and flood surrounding areas.

But nothing in my memory compares to what we are seeing in Texas – bashed, battered and drowning in Hurricane Harvey. Lives have been lost, families are homeless and stranded. Meanwhile, the cost of this extensive damage is in the billions as the rain keeps pouring down.

Unfortunately, officials expect Harvey to linger like an unwelcome guest and continue to pour more rain from the skies over the next couple of days.

Hard-hit Houston, Rockport and other deluged communities in the southeastern part of Texas did not anticipate such a lingering storm, of course. They were, however, prepared. Federal, state and local governments worked together for the benefit of the beleaguered citizens.

And we are no strangers to the American Red Cross, which is, once again, on the front lines in this Texas emergency helping folks who now are out of house and home. Red Cross shelters were opened in the greater Houston area, Sunday, as many fleeing residents sought refuge. The Red Cross continues to provide shelter and distribute supplies with the help of their volunteers to the devastated communities. Here, at WBCB and Lower Bucks.Live, we will continue to support the American Red Cross knowing the organization has always come to the rescue when calamity strikes — at home, nationwide and internationally.

To make a donation please go to RedCross.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-27677 or text the word ‘HARVEY’ to 90999 


Photo is courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense