The Bristol Township Fire Marshal is investigating a series of possible arsons with strange connections throughout the Route 13 corridor.

A third fire in two weeks has caused severe damage to property. Wednesday evening, flames destroyed one shed and damaged the neighbor’s shed on 2nd avenue. Fire Marshal Kevin Dippolito is still deducing the origin of the blaze.

The incident follows two other fires just two miles south on Bristol Pike last week.

The aftermath of the blaze on Silvi Avenue. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Investigators found two burnt out pickup trucks in a private lot on Silvi Ave last Thursday. The damage indicated flames had already been dead for a while.

Surveillance footage confirmed Dippolito’s suspicions, showing a suspect lighting the vehicles aflame shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday evening. Interestingly, this means the fire was lit just 45 minutes after another blaze half a mile away.

This earliest fire devastated a camper on a used car lot located at 7401 Bristol Pike and severely damaged the other cars around it. Evidence showed homeless occupants were using the RV as a living quarters, according to Dippolito.

“No additional info/comments to release on the trucks and camper fire at this time,” Dippolito stated in an email Thursday.

Fortunately, authorities did not report injuries in any of the fires.