The 2012 Jeep Cherokee investigators searched for over the weekend has been found, according to the District Attorney’s Office. It belonged to Jamar Tucker, 36, who was murdered in Langhorne during the early morning hours of Friday, May 10.

Tucker leans against his black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Image via Bucks County DA’s Office.

“We are making progress in solving Mr. Tucker’s murder, but we need the public’s help,” said DA Matthew Weintraub. “Please submit tips through CRIMEWATCH, by email or by phone and help us catch his killer.”

The DA put out a request Saturday asking people for information on the SUV’s whereabouts. Authorities in New Jersey found the vehicle in Tucker’s hometown of Trenton Sunday.

A woman was horrified last Friday when she saw Tucker’s body in the bushes as she walked her dog. An autopsy confirmed the man died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities are still trying to determine if Tucker was murdered at the scene on Bellevue Ave. They are also looking into the possibility of his killer moving evidence to throw off investigators.