Preventative mosquito spraying moves to Newtown Township after the threat of West Nile virus struck in Bucks County with mosquitoes testing positive.

Wednesday, August 9 the Bucks County Mosquito Control Program will administer treatments in Newtown Township. The treatment will spray an ultra-low volume with liquid larvicide to reduce mosquitoes breeding.

The area being sprayed borders Upper Silver Lake Road and Old Frost Road.

The treatment, similar to Morrisville, Bristol, and Falls Townships, will be administered via truck-mounted equipment. The spray will be an Altosid SR5 larviciding solution at a rate of four ounces per acre.

The application has a low toxicity to mammals and will have an insignificant impact on other insects in the environment. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, all residents in areas where West Nile virus has been active are at risk of contracting it.

The spray will begin at dusk on Wednesday. If weather conditions or other events delay the spray it will be rescheduled.