As the late summer continues with heavy rains, the county is stepping up its efforts to curb mosquito population growth. Trucks carrying ultra-low volume spray will visit several municipalities Thursday night.

The bounded area in Falls Township. Image via Google Maps. Click to enlarge.

Vehicles sprayed the Bensalem Country Club and several other sections of the township late last week. Now, the adulticide will be spread to Falls Township and one area of Morrisville.

In Falls, trucks will spray throughout a large area bounded by Trenton Road, Tyburn Road, New Falls Road, Village Lane, Hanford Road South, South Olds Boulevard and South Queen Anne Drive. Next, crews will spray the Morrisville Sewage Treatment plant.

The spray used is completely non-toxic to humans and has very little impact event to the smallest creatures besides mosquitos. Sprays begin at dusk and are weather dependent.