Morrisville Borough School District Gets $500,000 State Grant

Morrisville Borough High School. Photo via Google Images.

The Morrisville Borough School District is on the receiving end of a $500,000 state grant.

Local representatives say the money makes up for a budget shortfall thanks to an error in the funding formula.

An estimate placed Morrisville’s median income at about $75,000 per household. However, the real number is close to $53,000. 

This grant is the second half of a total $1 million in funds; the first half was given last year.

State Senator Steve Santarsiero and State Reps. Perry Warren and John Galloway all called the aid “critical.”

“These funds will ensure the district can continue to meet the needs of its students and faculty, as it works to protect the health and safety of its teachers and students amid the ongoing pandemic,” said Santarsiero. He added he was a “strong advocate” for fixing the state funding formula.

Galloway said the grant is even more important in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At a time when both teachers and students are struggling to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, this funding will provide greater access to the resources needed for both educators and students to succeed. We are all committed to providing Morrisville children with the best education possible.”

“Superintendent Jason Harris and Board President Damon Miller have worked diligently with us to ensure that Morrisville students continue to receive a great education. This funding is more than a bandage, but we still need a comprehensive adjustment of state funding for the Morrisville School District,” said Warren.