The Falls Township Board of Supervisors has approved new upgrades to Quaker Penn Park coming this July.

Crews will install six cameras at the park’s entrance in addition to others placed throughout the park itself. Lights will also be implemented in the park for safety.

Local police will have remote access to the cameras, meaning that they can keep an eye on things, even when they are not physically present. The license plates of all outgoing cars will be recorded by the cameras as well.

Lawson informs the Board on the practical uses of cameras and lights in Quaker Penn Park. Image via Falls Township.

Public Works Director Jason Lawson explained that the reason for this feature is to help identify any park wrongdoers.

Current Electrical Solutions was given the electrical portion of the project in the amount of  $29,800. SMS Building Systems was awarded the camera installation contract at the price of $20,459.

With the new camera system, Public Works Director Jason Lawson says the township will be able to catch culprits tearing up the grass at the park.

“When we have kids go down there with their trucks, and they turf up the field,” Lawson began. “We will now be able to go back watch that video and find what license plate so we can try to get some restitution.”

Quaker Penn’s technological upgrades coincide with the recent upgrades including dead tree removal, the installation of a new playground, as well as 3 new compost toilet facilities.

WBCB’s Brian Mermelstein and Wes Champlin contributed to this post.