Monday Is Last Day To Register To Vote In PA, GOP Narrows Voter Registration Gap

Bucks County Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag and a Peace Officer seal Doylestown Ballot Box. Photo via Bucks County.

Monday, October 19 is the deadline for Pennsylvanians to register to vote for the upcoming November 3 election.

Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is urging every state resident to register to vote.

“Please tell everybody you know who may not be registered to please register,” said Boockvar.

Pennsylvanians can register to vote at or in person at their county election office. In Bucks, voters can register at the Registration Office in the Bucks County Courthouse, Doylestown.

Boockvar explained as of Friday morning 8,983,188 state residents had already registered to vote. She added she was “optimistic” the state would hit 9 million by the end of Monday.

The number of registered voters by party as of Friday morning includes:

  • 4,199,412 Democrats,
  • 3,494,255 Republicans,
  • 890,756 independents, and
  • 398,765 registered with other parties

In November 2016, more than 8,722,000 voters were registered. This included:

  • 4,217,456 Democrats,
  • 3,301,182 Republicans, and
  • 1,204,339 independents or others

Democrats had about a 916,000 voter registration lead over Republicans in 2016. With one day left, the GOP has closed the gap to about 705,000.