Millcreek Inn Owner Assaulted By Trespassers

The Mill Creek Inn.

The owner of the Mill Creek Inn in Morrisville is going strong after being assaulted by trespassers on his own property earlier this week.

Joe Bissol, 68, still had a black eye and other minor injuries Wednesday evening. He says two men fishing on the lake behind his business refused to leave Monday night around 9 p.m.

The land behind the Mill Creek Inn. A sign clearly states the the area is off-limits.

“I stood my ground,” Bissol told WBCB.

The Mill Creek Inn sits on Mill Creek Road near the Falls Township Lake and is a common spot for night-time fishermen. But the fishing spot is off-limits, as a clearly displayed “No Trespassing Sign” indicates.

It seemed this was not the first time people had decided to ignore the sign. However, the two fisherman refused to clear out.

Bissol described a scene where he was face to face with one trespasser who became violent. After a brief confrontation, the other man came up from behind and pulled Bissol’s hood over his head. Then, at least one of the men began beating him.

Bissol’s sister and co-owner Rose Buselli was not at the Mill Creek Inn during the incident. She has seen the people rally around her brother.

“The community is supporting us,” Buselli said. “He’s in a community where he plays pool and is very social and well-liked. I hate to see anything like that happen to him.”

This is not Bissol’s first rodeo with unkind visitors. Two men with ski masks robbed the Mill Creek Inn at gun point in 1976. Bissol said he had a gun right up against his forehead. Both men were caught.

Surveillance cameras captured Monday’s incident on video. Additionally,┬áBissol believes he knows the identity of at least one of the suspects. He is debating going to the police, as he does not want to make a scene.