A small surge of mail ballots from Bucks County voters counted late Wednesday appears to have changed outcome of the race for the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors.

When Bucks County woke up Wednesday morning, Republicans Dana Kane and Andy Warren had seemingly won both open seats.

But now Warren has lost his spot.

Warren had just a seven ballot lead over Democrat Bernadette Hannah Wednesday morning. He led incumbent Democrat Tom Tosti by 34 votes. The county had recorded just over 187,100 votes.

Now turnout is up to nearly 191,500 tallied ballots for a rate of more than 40 percent. Of the more than 4,000 mail ballots, 1,162 voted for candidates in the Middletown race.


Kane still leads the pack. However, Hannah is now poised to take the other open seat. If these unofficial results hold, both women will get six year terms ending in December 2027.

Still, Kane’s victory gives Republican representation to what has been a completely Democratic board of Supervisors.

“I was born and raised here and I see things happening in this township that I don’t agree with,” said Kane on WBCB’s Speak Your Piece. “I think it’s become over developed. There’s a ton of traffic and it all comes back to the township board. And that’s really where I’m trying to make a change.”

Also still to come are some provisional, overseas, and military ballots. It’s unclear what impact these could have on the outcome.