With winter officially starting last week and January drawing closer, the chances of snowfall become more likely. After the surprise snow in mid-November, Middletown Township is reminding residents of what to do in case of winter weather.

Residents must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of when the snow ends. This clearing must not go into the roads, as it makes driving more difficult than it already is.

Cars parked on streets must be moved within one hour after snow. They cannot be returned until 12 hours after the snowfall ends.

Of course when snow falls, plow trucks will make their way through the township and clear roads. Sometimes, this snow can end up in a homeowner’s driveway. It is the resident’s responsibility to clear the snow without re-blocking roadways.

And for athletic enthusiasts, basketball nets cannot be placed past the curb during a snowfall.

Violating any of these rules can subject someone to property damage through negligence or a fine from the township. Information about more specific ordinances is available on the Township website.