No liquor license for the Middletown Giant. That’s the decision from last week’s Middletown Board of Supervisors meeting after the board voted it down.

Ellen Freeman spoke to the four supervisors present about Giant’s plans to add a section to sell alcohol. She advocated for the transfer of an eating place liquor license from Warrington to the Middletown Giant in the Flowers Mills Shopping Center.

Freeman told the board Giant operates more than 100 stores with liquor licenses and the company has a “perfect record” with the PA Liquor Control Board.

Giant’s plans included selling beer and wine at the location on Flowers Mills Road. Freeman said each customer would face a limit on how much they could buy. Customers could either purchase two six packs or four bottles wine.

Freeman presented a floor plan with seating for customers near the Starbucks. Patrons would be able to drink on site, with some food options available. They could have two 12 oz. beers and an 8.5 oz bottle of wine.

But Golden Beverage in the Flowers Mills Shopping Center opposed the license. It sits 500 feet away from the Giant.

Attorney Jan Edelman, with Rothberg and Federman, represented the beer distributor. She said the hardship to Golden Beverage and other local businesses would outweigh the convenience for consumers.

“We all want things to be convenient in this hectic world, but to get in a car and find another parking spot to run into another store is not unduly burdensome for a consumer.”

There are also two other locations within the same shopping center where customers can purchase alcohol. Next door to the Golden Beverage is a Fine Wine and Good Spirits, while patrons can go to JB Dawson’s Restaurant and Bar for a sit down experience.

The supervisors split their vote 3-1. Supervisor Chairman Mike Ksiazek voted alone to allow the transfer while Anna Payne, Dawn Quirple, and Tom Tosti voted against. Supervisor Vice Chairperson Amy Strouse was not present.