Middletown Township is the recipient of a $67,000 grant for the implementation of a comprehensive plan to improve the community’s transportation, land development, and economic growth. Township officials will work with a consultant to plan for the health, safety, and well being of residents. 

Township Manager Stephanie Teoli-Kuhls indicated it was about time Middletown made a new plan.

“Middletown Township’s most recent comprehensive plan is from 1994,” Teoli Kuhls said. “Most communities will update their plans every 10 to 15 years, so we are significantly overdue and we are very excited about the opportunity to get moving on this project.”

Middletown was one of two communities in Bucks County to receive grant funding to make a plan, which was likely heavily influenced by its more pressing need for an update.

Comprehensive plans are general layouts for a town’s future, with goals for community development. Teoli-Kuhls said this encompasses parks and recreation, land development, and economic development.

The funding grant was only announced very recently, meaning it is still too early to determine what will come from a new plan.

“We don’t really know what the process will net us,” Teoli-Kuhls said. “Hopefully the end result will be a road map to guide future development of the community.”

The public can also get involved in the direction of their town, and meetings for input will be held often. It is so early in the process, these meetings have yet to even be scheduled.

“It’s all in the works. There will be a very big public engagement component. Residents will have an opportunity to participate,” Teoli-Kuhls said. “We are hopeful we will have some residents be actively engaged through public meetings, whether they’re town hall style or feedback on our website.”

The township’s Planning Committee and the Board of Supervisors will each have the comprehensive plan on their agendas for their next meetings.