Middletown Police Officers Are Recovering From COVID-19, Chief Says

Several Middletown Township Police officers. Ofc. Ryan Morrison stands at left. Photo via Middletown Township.

A pair of officers with the Middletown Township Police Department could return to work within the next week after recovering from COVID-19.

Officer Ryan Morrison on video with DA Matt Weintraub. Photo via Bucks County.

One officer cleared by the county health department is Ryan Morrison. He publicly spoke with District Attorney Matt Weintraub over video after testing positive for coronavirus. Now, Morrison is set to tentatively return to work by mid-April.

Additionally, a community service officer has recovered. They are returning to work by the end of this week.

“So far, we have been fortunate in that none of our officers who tested positive have required hospitalization,” said Bartorilla. “All have been able to recover at home.”

The chief also noted Bucks Director of Health Dr. David Damsker has been “great” at staying in touch with the officers as they recover.

But LevittownNow reports four new officers have COVID-19. With two officers out of isolation, this means six remain in quarantine.

The officers with new cases may have been exposed while on duty. A prisoner at the Bucks County Correctional Facility tested positive after being processed in Middletown.

Bartorilla says the most important factor is making sure all officers are healthy.

“We are not rushing anyone back to work. Being cleared by the health department from isolation for a quick trip to the supermarket is a little different than coming in and working an overnight 12 hour patrol shift. We are making sure the officers are fully recovered and feeling good by the time they start back to work. “