The Middletown Township Police are looking for a teenager who they have labeled an endangered runaway. Jayden Dehaven, 17, was last seen in the Upper Orchard section of Levittown this past Tuesday.

Dehaven is a white male with brown eyes and hair standing at 5 foot ten inches with a medium-thin build. He was wearing black clothing and a zip-up hoodie at the time of his disappearance.

People who claim to know Dehaven’s family say his mother posted on Facebook asking him to come home. She expressed concern for trouble in his social circle and worried about his well-being.

A post on social media from Jayden Dehaven Thursday afternoon.

Dehaven then posted on the social media platform, saying he was purposefully avoiding his family.

“I’m not missing I just don’t want to go tf home and get b****ed at 24/7,” he said.

Despite any potential issues, Dehaven is still a minor. The Middletown Township Police are asking for the public to help them find him and resolve the situation.

Anyone with information on Dehaven’s well-being or whereabouts is asked to contact the Det. David Berry at 215-750-3866.