The Middletown Township Police are taking proactive steps to help people be ready in case of a mass shooting or violence incident.

Lieutenant Pete Feeney hosted a training session for more than 40 people Tuesday evening on how to prepare for the worst.

Feeney discussed different aspects of active shooter situations including the mindset of the perpetrator, how to keep yourself and others safe, and the importance of being mentally prepared and staying vigilant. 

“If you’re not mentally prepared, you can’t possibly react physically to a situation,” Feeney said. “If you don’t have the idea in your mind you’re going to take some kind of action, you’re not even going to recognize the problem has occurred until you’re way behind the eight ball.”

Feeney presented Cooper’s Awareness Color Code to the group, which rates readiness for an incident on a four color scale from white to red.

When a person is considered white, they are unprepared, relaxed, and generally unaware of their surroundings. At yellow, the person is conscious of their surroundings and have a relaxed awareness of what is going on around them.

If a person has reached orange level, they have noticed suspicious behavior and a specific individual has their undivided attention. At red level, a situation is occurring and the person must make decision on how to address the events unfolding around them.

Feeney urged everyone in attendance to maintain a yellow level of awareness because of the frequency of mass shootings and displays of violence in today’s world. When a person is too relaxed, they are likely to freeze or overreact to any perceived threat.

Despite public perception, Feeney did reassure the group of the value of schools in keeping children safe. Statistically, a school is still one of the safest places for a child to be.

Based on high turnout and public request, Feeney plans to hold another training session in the near future for those who were unable to attend.