Middletown Police Gets $250,000 To Hire 2 New Officers From DOJ Grant

Middletown Township Police respond to a softball brawl in Oct. 2018. Photo by Sam Goldberg.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr this week announced funding awards to 596 law enforcement agencies nationwide – allowing those departments to reduce crime, make communities safer and strengthen community relations with the hiring of 2,732 full-time law enforcement professionals.

Funding through this $400 million federal grant had been on hold since the spring of 2018, due to a nationwide injunction. The announcement comes at an unusual time of
civil unrest in some of the major cities in the U.S.

In Bucks County, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick yesterday said $250,000 will go to Middletown Township for the hiring of two police officers.

Middletown Township Police Department Chief Joe Bartorilla reacted to the announcement.

“We worked very hard on writing the grant, really going into detail about how the extra officers will help us to better safeguard and protect our community and also enhance our already outstanding community relations and the community policing that we do as a department,” said Bartorilla. “It must have resonated with the DOJ, because we were one of very few departments in Pennsylvania to be awarded the grant.”

Middletown is one of only eight departments in Pennsylvania to receive the funding. Hazelton and Reading received $1.4 million and $500,000, respectively.

In nearby New Jersey, the Trenton Police Dept. received a $1.250 million grant to hire 10 new police officers and Camden, $2,141 million, for 10 police officers.