With summer break near its midpoint, some parents may be relieved to know Middletown Township still has summer programs available no matter what their child’s interest.

Parks and Recreation Director Paul Kopera wants people to know the camps appeal to a wide range of children.

“We like to take care of the kids that like to run around and be active. We also take care of the ‘nerd herd,'” Kopera said affectionately. “As my oldest daughter refers to them, because she’s one of them.”

Some, like theĀ Fire & Police Camp, already have a wait-list because of their popularity among the local kids.

“Every child likes to get involved with the police cars, the fire engines, police dogs,” Kopera said. “We give them a real life ability to take their time walking through a fire house. They get to jump around on the fire house, sit in the driver’s seat, wear fire boots. Same thing with the police, they get to see a jail cell.”

He also says the township is trying a new “Real Programming – Fun With Python” program for modern children who have taken an interest in computers.

“The Python programming is something new for us. We don’t know if it’s really gonna go or not,” Kopera said. “If they get interest in doing the programming behind these games they play, they may want to pursue it as a career.”

The plan is to educate kids ages 10 to 13 on how to use the programming language Python, which is used by NASA, Google, and Youtube. It will take place from August 13th to the 16th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in The Community Park Barn.

Other programs on offer include Cheer Camp, Cooking Around the USA, and Bricks 4 Kidz: “Stop Motion Moving Making.”

Registration for some programs ends August 10th and Middletown families pay less than non-residents. Check the Middletown Township website for full details.