Improvements to the Middletown Township community is in the works due to multiple grant awards. The more than $300 million funds will provide three projects assistance focusing on safety and the local environment.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s $290,630 will go towards “A Green Light Go.” The project will improve traffic conditions along Business Route 1 by installing an adaptive system through cameras. The studies will determine areas of congestion then traffic signals can better coordinate the flow of activity. Middletown is partnering with Falls and Lower Makefield Townships.

The PA Department of Conservation of Natural Resources awarded a $12,500 grants for tree revitalization. The intersection of Queen Anne Creek and Mill Creek in Levittown will have new trees planted. The recent Emerald Ash Borer infestation killed many trees which raised concerns of trees importance in the Township. The grant will allow maximum replants efforts in Middletown’s critical watershed region.

A Growing Greener Grant for $175,000 was given by the PA Department of Environmental Protection to account for storms. The Township manages the Neshaminy Creek and cost of stormwater efforts. The funds will modify five drainage basins to improve their ability to hold and slow water flowing in the Creek. The retention improvements will reduce sediment flow.

Middletown Township, “consistently seeks grant revenue,” to improve services for residents.