Middletown Township continues to take proactive steps in educating its residents on issues relevant to being constructive and productive citizens. The Citizen Summer School program is on the cusp of its second session, focusing on sustainability.

The first class, held on June 28th, taught attendees the importance of Internet privacy and security in the modern age. It was mainly directed towards senior citizens who might have struggled to stay up to date with the rapidly changing state of technology.

This second course opens up the classroom to people of all ages to help the citizenry learn about how recycling can help the community and the environment.

The goal is to clarify which items are recyclable, what to do with old electronics and hazardous waste, how to act during an air quality alert, and how a person’s actions at home can impact water quality.

An Air Quality Action Day was most recently declared on July 10 due to unfavorable weather. High temperatures and light winds created conditions in which young children, the elderly, and people with respiratory issues were especially vulnerable to air pollution.

The notice requested people in Middletown to refuel their vehicles after dusk, set air conditioner thermostats to a higher temperature, carpool and use public transportaion when possible, and combine errands to reduce trips.

In teaching residents about these confusing topics, the township hopes to make Middletown a greener and more environmentally friendly place to live.

The sustainability workshop will be held on July 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Center, located at 3 Municipal Way in Langhorne.

Free to all Middletown residents, the workshops are are an excellent opportunity for people to be informed about relevant issues to their community from experts on the subject matter.

Speakers include representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Waste Management, the Bucks County Planning Commission, Remington & Vernick Engineers, and the Transportation Management Association of Bucks County.

Free recycling bins and information guides are benefits for those who attend. Childcare services will also be included during the workshops and refreshments will be available.

Anyone with questions can email Tim Adams at tadams@middletownbucks.org or contact Middletown Township at 215-750-3800 x 1176.