Middletown Approves Contract For New Website

The current Middletown Township website.

The Middletown Board of Supervisors has approved a contract to build a new township website. Creative Marketing Alliance of Princeton Junction, NJ will create the new website at an estimated cost of $34,700.

“One of the major decisions we had when choosing was that they were a local, for website developers, vendor who had a history outside of just government websites,” Township Intern Nick Valla said. “Whereas a lot of the alternative candidates were based in the midwest and were very specific to government.”

Initial annual maintenance costs looked upwards of $8,700, but negotiators brought the amount down to $4,380.

The update in website is aimed at making life easier for people visiting the middletownbucks.org domain. While some items can take up to seven different clicks and turn into a scavenger hunt, the new site would follow a “two click theory.” The goal is to make the most used information only take two clicks to reach.

“We’re also looking to do an action center feature, or a resident request form,” “where residents can request service needs for potholes or any area where residents have eyes where the township may not.”