Daniela Rodas is putting Mercer County on the map for all the right reasons.

The Trenton Central High School junior — better known as “Champgne Dani” — is a social media phenom.  At the age of 16, she’s conquered the first and most difficult step in entertainment: building an audience.

Her passion for creating content began eight years ago when she first discovered YouTube.

“All I did was watch YouTube videos when I was younger,” Rodas explained. “As an 8-year-old I would go on YouTube and think, “I’m funny. I can do this.”

Rodas is currently “doing it” alongside 237,627 (and counting) social media followers. The Trenton native steadily built a following by obsessively working and improving her craft.

“I would stay up until 2:00 a.m. sometimes 3:00 a.m. watching YouTube tutorials always trying to figure out ways to make my videos more entertaining and better,” Rodas said.  “YouTube taught me everything I know about how to make content.”

Rodas now posts content across five different social media platforms. Her work consists of how-to videos, comedic videos, life adventures, and personal stories.  A year ago, she posted a video about shoes (see below) that has more than one hundred thousand views.

She’s monetized her YouTube channel, has marketing partnerships with clothing companies on Instagram, and receives monetary donations on her musical.ly account.

“She’s a rare student,” Scott Sorrentino, a Communications teacher at Trenton Central, said.  “Her content speaks to other young people. They get so much out of it.”

Impacting and connecting with her followers is one of the many inspirations behind Rodas’ content.

“I do videos where I talk about personal things and my experiences because I want to better people’s lives,”  Rodas explained. “When I open up, people see me as a real person and gain something from it (example below).”

Aside from connecting with her followers, Rodas has personal reasons for creating content.

“Coming from an urban city you want to make it out and put your family in a good position,” Rodas said. “It’s one of my biggest motivations.”

At 16 years old, with an increasing following, untapped potential, and an unparalleled understanding of social media,  Rodas is well on her way to achieving her goals.