Journalists like to pat themselves on the back for speaking “truth to power,” but it seems to this observer they’re intent on showing America it made a “mistake” in electing Donald Trump. Well, he won and that should be it – but it isn’t and that is hurting the nation.

Media is a huge business, equally powerful. Journalism, like everything else, has its share of sinners who do show bias, attempt to do harm, influence elections – a mortal sin we call fake news. In the old days, it was yellow journalism.

President Trump is at the center of this not-so-perfect storm raging in America, partly responsible for some of it with his free-wheeling tweets and comments not among his “talking points.” Actually, I am surprised by this because he is a salesman, a strategist, a businessman who is associated with the phrase, “art of the deal.” The president is doing many good things in office, but he often overshadows the good with off-the-cuff remarks and late night tweets. Reporters pounce, but I think none of it is good for the nation or journalism.

It would be so easy for the president to stick to his talking points and the media would report everything straight down the middle. You think?

I am not too optimistic, believing we’re in for a bumpy four years, but hoping the Congress will get busy (busier) on problem-solving and passing legislation. And, I wish our professional athletes would stand up for the National Anthem. -PW