Man Who Stole From 1,000+ Unlocked Vehicles Arrested, Police Say

Keith Johnson, 33. Photo via Newtown Township Police.

A man believed to be responsible for more than 1,000 thefts from vehicles throughout Bucks County and New Jersey is finally in custody.

Authorities say Keith Johnson, 33, of Yardley may be the man behind the 17 month theft spree.

The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office put out a press release last year about the thefts. It revealed they suspected a single person was stealing from unlocked cars in almost every community between Hilltown and Yardley.

Investigators managed to tie Johnson to a stolen credit card used in October. When they searched his home, police say they found handbags, gift cards, cash, and dozens of other items stolen from unlocked cars.

Police appear to believe Johnson began his thievery in September 2019.

It seems Johnson targeted one community at a time before moving onto the next. He would walk a long distance to avoid detection, steal from several unlocked vehicles, then strike again several weeks later.

The Newtown Township Police laid out a timeline of thefts they have linked back to Johnson.

Their department first received a litany of calls the morning of February 28, 2020. Surveillance video helped them to determine a single person broke into countless vehicles and stole from 15 of them.

He then waited months, only to allegedly returned in the early morning hours of April 17, 2020. Police say he also struck on August 12, then again on August 24.

When the Newtown Township Police starting looking into the scope of these thefts, they realized similarities to other thefts throughout Bucks. Ultimately, 13 municipalities in Bucks and 10 in New Jersey reported the same style of thefts.

Law enforcement agencies combined forces to create a task force entirely dedicated to thefts from vehicles.

Johnson is in custody and faces multiple charges, though the investigation is ongoing.