The Warminster man who ran over his wife with his Ford F-250 is now facing murder charges. While the incident left her debilitated, Robin Ryan did not pass away until almost two years later.

Andrew Ryan, 33. Image via Crimewatch.

Andrew Ryan, 33, pleaded no contest to aggravated assault charges after the hit-and-run in 2017 left Robin Ryan incapacitated and unresponsive. The young mother suffered a traumatic brain injury and required a feeding tube.

Authorities say he pushed his wife out of the moving vehicle on Lincoln Highway in Falls Township. Ryan then fled the scene.

But then Robin Ryan died April 27, 2019. The DA is now moving ahead with a charge of murder. Ryan is already serving part of his seven to 20 year sentence in state prison. 

During an interview, court documents show Ryan told authorities the couple had been bickering about finances, and he only drove away from the scene because he had been drinking. Police measured Ryan’s BAC at the time at .12.

An arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 3.