Man Sentenced For Robbing Stores With BB-Gun

A man who robbed several 7-Eleven stores with a BB gun will spend the next 3 to 12 years in state prison.

Brandan Greisser, 22, attempted to rob three of the locations between July 11 and July 13 of 2017, with the largest bounty of $318 coming from the 320 East Street Road store in Lower Southampton.

Greisser divided the money with accomplice and driver Michael S. Landis Jr., 29, of Horsham. The duo went to Parx Casino with their newly acquired funds.

With a history of mental illness, Greisser blames his actions on a methamphetamine addiction and an ex-girlfriend who influenced him to make poor decisions.

“My actions were disgraceful,” Greisser wrote in a letter submitted to Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Theodore Fritsch. “…I truly hope every person I put through these traumatic experiences, even if they don’t accept it, know that my apology is sincere.”

Greisser was involuntarily committed in his teenage years under fears he would hurt himself, but his most recent mental health evaluation did not diagnose him with any major illness.

In his ruling, Fritsch told Greisser his depression was a result of “present circumstances.”

The other 7-Eleven locations included the store at 100 East Moreland Ave. in Horsham, which yielded $100 and a pack of cigarettes, and the Warminster store located at 25 Newtown Road. An employee at the Warminster location simply walked away, prompting Greisser to flee with nothing gained.