Man Goes On “Rampage” After Being Asked To Wear Mask In Feasterville ACME

Video surveillance footage of the suspect in the Feasterville ACME. Image via Lower Southampton Township Police.

A man who went on a “rampage” at the Feasterville ACME Saturday morning is wanted by the Lower Southampton Township Police.

Authorities say the suspect entered the ACME without wearing a face mask. After an employee asked him to wear one while in the store, he “went a destructive spree.”

The man went from one aisle to the next, throwing anything in sight. In one instance, the suspect grabbed a bag of pretzels and tossed them throughout the floor.

Finally, the man turned his attention back to the employee who asked him to wear a mask. The suspect grabbed a bottle of hot sauce and threw it right at the employee.

Pennsylvania health officials have strongly recommended wearing masks while out in public. Though it is not law, businesses have discretion as to who they allow on their premises.

“Private businesses reserve the right to require face coverings in their establishments,” said the LSPD, “but the throwing of items inside the store is what initiated police involvement in this matter.”

Anyone who recognizes the suspect can reach the LSPD at 215-357-1234. If a person wants to give information anonymously, they can submit a tip on Crimewatch.