Man Gets Max. County Sentence For Shooting Into Pennwood Crossing Office

Jimmy R. Stormant, 56.

The suicidal man who shot into an occupied trailer park office last year received a maximum county prison sentence in Bucks County Common Pleas Court.  Jimmy R. Stormant, of Falls Township, was found guilty in May of aggravated assault and discharging a firearm into an occupied building after a non-jury trial before Judge Raymond F. McHugh

Pennwood Crossing on Adler Drive in Falls Township. Credit: Charlotte Reese

During the trial, Stormant told McHugh of his battles with depression and alcoholism, and the plans he had to kill himself the day he shot up the office last September 12th.

That morning, he said, he got up intending to die. Having worked many years as a machinist and a truck driver, Stormant said debilitating injuries had left him unable to work, throwing him into debt and heightening his alcoholism.

Stormant drove to Wawa, withdrew all of his remaining savings and placed it into an envelope for his mother and turned his dog over to his ex-wife.

Then, drunk, he shot up the Pennwood Crossing office before calling to say goodbye to his mother and ex-wife. The 10 shots passed through the walls of the office and narrowly missed Doran and Andrea Johnson, a married couple who were inside. Officers soon arrived to find Stormant sitting on his home’s porch with a gun, a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey, and a Bible.

McHugh sentenced him to serve one day less than one year to one day less than two years in the Bucks County Correctional Facility.

Bullet holes in the office building and window. Credit: Charlotte Reese

McHugh said he was willing to “take a chance” on Stormant by not sending him to state prison, citing Stormant’s lack of prior offenses, his emotional state at the time of the crime, his remorse and his ongoing efforts to overcome his alcoholism.

In addition to the prison sentence, McHugh gave Stormant a consecutive two years of probation. During this period, Stormant is not to possess or drink alcohol, have no contact with Pennwood Crossing or the Johnsons, and is to undergo mental health and alcohol abuse counseling.

WBCB’s Brianna Williams contributed to this post.