“To me it’s not a big deal,” an older man said after driving his Toyota Tacoma into the side of the CVS Pharmacy in Deon Square.

The Fairless Hills man, who went by the name Ron, was just trying to do his errands when he found himself and his pickup a foot deep in the pharmaceutical retailer’s brick wall.

Damage to the CVS. Photo by Rick Rickman

“I just came straight from home and I was trying to pull in here to get to the shade,” Ron said pointing to his parking spot. “Next thing I know I’m in the building. I reversed and people came running out of the building wanting to know what happened.”

The silver-haired man, who wore shorts and a t-shirt, was uninjured and allowed to go home after a brief conversation with police. Ron’s vehicle is in worse shape than he is and had brick dust on its front bumper. The pickup is in need of repairs, but is drive-able.

The responding officer said there was no structural damage to the CVS, despite the indent in the brick siding.