Man Charged With 21 Burglaries In Bucks

David Andrauskas, 37. Photo via Crimewatch.

A man allegedly responsible for 21 burglaries in seven municipalities throughout Bucks County is facing burglary charges. A majority of the targeted locations are in Lower Bucks.

Prosecutors say David Andrauskas, 37, burglarized four businesses in a single night on more than one occasion. He managed to target all 21 businesses in less than four weeks, according to court documents.

They allege he would go to stores in the early morning and enter through a window. When he could not remove an air condition unit, he simply broke the window open.

The Bensalem Township Police stopped Andrauskas’ vehicle for matching the description of a burglary report. But they say he sped away, leading them on a brief chase breaking 100 miles per hour.

Most of his break-ins netted little, if anything. Authorities say in one case Andrauskas made off with $2,000. 

Andrauskas, of Philadelphia, faces charges in connection with burglaries at the following locations, directly from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

New Hope:

  • Last Temptation, Jan. 21
  • Phantasm Comics, Jan. 25
  • Lion’s Den, Jan. 31
  • Surrender, Jan. 31
  • Night Bird Vintage, Jan. 31
  • Jaffron, Jan. 31


  • Belly Busters, Feb. 5
  • Brodie’s Ice Cream, Feb. 4

Bristol Borough:

  • Annabella’s Restaurant, Feb. 6
  • Chuck’s BBQ, Feb. 6

Upper Makefield Township:

  • Dominick’s Pizza, Feb. 4

Newtown Borough:

  • Shoe Café, Jan. 12
  • Clark’s Florist, Jan. 18
  • Studio 35 Salon, Jan. 23

Middletown Township:

  • CJ Nails, Feb. 8
  • Giovanni’s Pizza, Feb. 8
  • Maple Deli, Jan. 28

Newtown Township:

  • Green Straw, Feb. 1
  • Newtown Pizza, Feb. 1
  • Be Bronzed, Feb. 1
  • Bella Med Spa, Feb. 1