Tuesday is National Teacher Day for educators in the United States, and Makefield Elementary School students are making sure their teachers are aware of how important they are.

For Makefield Elementary in Yardley, National Teacher Day is an annual event and each year has a different theme.

This year’s day of appreciation has a baseball theme, and the teachers made sure to wear their Phillies garb. The students showed the teachers their appreciation on an individual level and made notes to their teachers on baseball templated cards.

Principal Donna McCormick-Miller loved the baseball cards because it showed how the students see their teachers as their MVP’s.

“They really put ownership back on the children,” McCormick-Miller said. “Why do you appreciate your teacher, what are the things that make your teacher special?”

Over the weekend, students and parents brought chalk to school to make large drawings of trees, stars, rainbows, and kind words in the school parking lot.

“There were all these really positive messages written for our teachers,” McCormick-Miller elaborated. “Which was a great way to kick-off the week and certainly a Monday morning.

Each Makefield Elementary teacher will also receive two tickets to a Phillies game on May 25, 2018 thanks to the efforts of the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization.

The parents and children at Makefield Elementary have many reasons to be thankful for their teachers, one of whom is in the running for Inspire Teacher of the Year Award.

Along with nine other candidates from other schools in Bucks County, 5th grade teacher Staci Northrup has the opportunity to win up to $2,500. Second and third place each receive $1,000, while an additional $500 will be given to all three schools the teachers represent.

The ten candidates were chosen based on votes from the community. Inspire is a federal credit union in Bucks County originally chartered to serve local educators.