A Lower Makefield teen is being held responsible for giving drugs to his peer last April, resulting in a fatal overdose.

Jacob Jasper, 18, was adjudicated delinquent for supplying MDMA, or ecstasy, he bought off the internet to honor roll students Kyle Valdez. Judge Jeffrey L. Finley made his decision last week to place Jasper in a juvenile facility and make him pay Valdez’s family almost $19,000 in restitution.

A Juul device.

Court documents allege Jasper, who was 17 at the time, and the victim, age 18, went to his car around 5 p.m. during work at the Villa Rosa to smoke the drug using Jasper’s Juul. However, Valdez became anxious and reportedly began “sniffing a lot.”

Jasper went back to work but when he returned to his car at 9:30 p.m., Valdez was unresponsive. He called a female coworker and told her to get the victim out of his car, but insisted she not call the police.

However, someone called authorities and they arrived 30 minutes later, where they determined Valdez had been dead for a substantial amount of time. But instead of helping, Jasper concerned himself with hiding his remaining MDMA doses.

“The public should know heroin and other opioids are not the only dangerous drugs on our streets. Stimulants like MDMA can also cause fatal overdoses, and the people pushing those drugs are going to be on the hook for it,” said Deputy District Attorney David A. Keightly. “Unfortunately, those realizations came too late for the young men in this case.”

Jasper will remain under juvenile supervision until he is 21, with regular reevaluation for his treatment.

This potentially marks the first time authorities successfully prosecuted a person in Pennsylvania for giving a fatal amount of MDMA.