Lower Makefield Residents Come Out for Coffee With a Cop

Residents talk with Lower Makefield Township Police officers. Photo by Justin Goodhart.

Lower Makefield Township locals joined their police officers Wednesday morning for Coffee With a Cop. A cup of Joe and a desire to meet face to face was all it took to get the conversation moving.

WBCB’s Cherry Kivumbi has coffee with a cop. Photo by Justin Goodhart.

Hosted at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Stony Hill Road, it fostered a casual environment. People could come out and see what cops are like in their free time.

For Officer Micheal Pell, the goal is growing community support and showing they care.

“We’re people too.”

“It’s a big cause today,” Pell explained. “Not just nationally, but on a local level as well. It’s to help build stronger bonds.”

While the day is recognized nationally, it is up to each department to organize its own outreach event. This was Lower Makefield PD’s first Coffee With a Cop.

Pell spent some time designing flyers and working social media. In all, it took a few weeks to organize, but ultimately he believes the sit-down was worth it.

“Today is National Coffee With a Cop Day, but even if we do it on that day we could always pick another,” Pell said. “Maybe have it in the afternoon or in the dinner hours.”

As for a county-wide initiative, several other police departments in municipalities like Bristol Township traveled to Doylestown. Officers collected at the Student Center Coffee House Room at DelVal University.

Nearby, Newtown Township will be hosting their own version Thursday morning at the Corner Bakery Cafe.

WBCB’s Cherry Kivumbi and Justin Goodhart contributed to this post.