Lower Makefield Considers Wegmans, Luxury Apartment Plan

The "Live, Work, Play" illustrative plan. Image courtesy of Lower Makefield Township.

Lower Makefield is considering adding a Wegmans and 200 residential apartments on a 36 acre plot of land. Presenters called their project “Prickett Preserve at Edgewood,” named for the nearby historic Edgewood Village.

The Board of Supervisors heard from two men representing DeLuca Homes and Equus Capital at Wednesday evening’s meeting. They proposed six retail buildings with nine residential apartments. One presenter confirmed rent for the luxury apartments would be $1,800 to $2,000 per month.

“Prickett Preserve at Edgewood is a vision to create a retail use and highend residential luxury apartment use, and create a live, work, and play neighborhood,” DeLuca said.

“Preservation As Vision” with the historic Prickett home. Image courtesy of Lower Makefield Township.

The land in question sits between Stony Hill Road and I-295, across from Shady Brook Farm. DeLuca also said preserving the historic house and barn located on the property is a priority.

Supervisor Chair Daniel Grenier clarified the proposal was a “conceptual presentation” and not a land use approval process. Still, some people in the audience already had their minds made up.

Supervisor Secretary Kristen Tyler took asked for a show of hands about halfway through the meeting. Then, Tyler followed up the poll with a comment.

“Basically, this is building a town within our town,” Tyler said. She asked several questions about the residential unit.

Public comment went on for the full hour, and the response from residents was mixed. Some worried about traffic and future development, while others simply want a Wegmans.

“Lower Makefield is kind of unique in that it’s relatively quiet, relatively safe, and it’s not too crowded,” said Larry, a township resident. Larry was concerned about traffic conditions, police and fire resources, and McCaffery’s future in the face of competition. “I think this proposal would do nothing more than make us lose that uniqueness by opening up our township to additional development.”

Another resident came forward who said he never supported major development projects in the past. He testified this was a first in the seven years he had come to supervisor meetings.

“I’m going to say something here I’m not sure I’ve ever said before, and thank a developer,” said Adrian.  “Out of all the things we wish LMT had, I’ve had more conversations about Wegmans than anything. It’s a good idea. It’s a creative idea.”