The Lower Bucks County SWAT is looking for donations to acquire a vehicle solely dedicated to the team’s response to emergency calls.

Also known as the Bucks County South Central Emergency Response Team, the force is made up of 75 from 15 departments in the local area and services its 325,000 residents. They respond to roughly 35 to 40 calls per year, but wait times are often unbearable and leave victims vulnerable.

The response time for the Lower Bucks SWAT team is 45 minutes on average from the time a call is made. The officers are not procrastinating; the lack of a vehicle means equipment and weapons have to be loaded into whatever method of transportation is open for use if there is a situation.

A dedicated vehicle would mean all the equipment could be pre-loaded. In a letter, South Central Emergency Response Team Commander Brian Golder says this would reduce response times by at least 30 minutes, in some instances even 45 minutes.

Quick responses to emergencies can often be the difference between violent incidents and a peaceful resolution.

The Emergency Response Team is also holding a fundraiser this fall to raise money to get a vehicle. On Saturday, September 22 the Christ United Methodist Church is hosting a flea market with vendor tables and food trucks with proceeds going towards the purchase of a dedicated response vehicle.

Anyone interested in having their own table or truck at the fundraiser can contact the church at 215-943-2343.