Lower Bucks Police Departments Nab Three Heroin Dealers

Cornelius Bell, 28, and Dustin Biodino, 33.

Police in bucks county say they have caught a major Heroin dealer and his associates in a drug selling business that was in Bucks county. Police recovered thousands of bags of the potent drug in the suspects possession.

28-year-old Cornelius Bell and his partners had been selling 500 to 1000 bags of heroin a day at their headquarters of the operation based in New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton. However, they sold the drug primarily to users and resellers in Lower Bucks County.

Jalmed Marks, 27.

It was a large effort by Bucks County law enforcement, as Detectives from Falls Township, Bristol Township, Middletown Township and Bristol Borough all contributed in the investigation into Bell. His organization was targeted by Police in March after a string of controlled heroin purchases totaling four “bricks,” each containing around 50 bags and labeled distinctly as “Tom Brady.” Smaller purchases from Bell and his associates continued as the investigation was gaining traction.

Bell’s arrest in Falls Township earlier this month came at the beginning of a day-long, multi-agency operation that also nabbed Bell’s partner, 27-year-old Jalmed P. Marks, of Trenton.

“From its inception in 2017, our Drug Strike Force has been committed to taking down major drug organizations in Bucks County through collaborations with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies,” said District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub. “This bust is but one great example of our concentrated, multi-agency approach to getting this poison off the streets.”

Two other people were arrested and charged with the same crimes as Bell, Joshua White and Aaron Gyampo, who worked with Bell to sell heroin. They used a cell phone number that they changed periodically to conduct deals. White and Gyampo remain at large at the present time but have a warrant out for their arrest.

In addition, Dustin Biondino, of Falls Township, was also arrested for his assists of Marks in a controlled purchase of heroin in October.

The leader, Cornelius Bell is being held at Bucks County Correctional Facility in lieu of bail, set at 10 percent of $250,000.

WBCB’s Keith Noonan contributed to this post.