As much happiness as this time of year brings to people it also brings out those who are
desperate to make a quick buck. The Lower Southampton Township Police reported a thief Tuesday who stole scratch off lottery tickets from the County Farms – “Scratch and Scram.”

An image of the suspect taken from video surveillance. Photo via Crimewatch.

Officials were not quick enough to deactivate the tickets and some winning tickets were cashed in by the thief. New video surveillance emerged showing the thief cashing winning tickets at a local store.

“Help us identify this woman who does not care about stealing from older Pennsylvanians,” the LSTP posted on Crimewatch. “Please increase our odds of bringing this woman to justice.”

Winning any amount of money from scratch off this time of year is meant for a quick game or to help put some extra cash in the pockets of loved ones.

Anyone who can help bring this woman to justice can contact the Lower Southampton Township Police at 215-357-1234.

WBCB’s Nick Gallagher contributed to this report.