Tullytown Assistant Fire Chief Rick Johnson has died. He passed away early Saturday morning due to COVID-19.

Rick Johnson. Photo via Tullytown Fire Department.

Johnson served almost 30 years with the Tullytown Fire Department. Among his many roles, Johnson was former chief and a friend.

Bucks County announced its eleventh death due to COVID-19 Friday night. Johnson’s passing makes 12.

Fellow Tullytown firefighters brought emergency services vehicles, including two fire engines, to the hospital where he was undergoing treatment. They carried his helmet and turned on the emergency lights in solidarity.

This is the Tullytown Fire Department’s second loss in recent days. They mourned the passing of member Sylvester Damiani, which was announced Friday morning.

The Tullytown Fire Department is flying its flags at half mast Saturday.

Here is a short video for you Rick Johnson we came to see you last night at the hospital, we want you to know you were not alone!

Posted by Tullytown Fire Company Station 33 on Saturday, April 4, 2020