The traditional welcome to Spring, the Philadelphia Flower Show is running now through Sunday, March 11 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The event will showcase a local 4th-grader’s project from St. Michael the Archangel in Levittown. Gabbi Snowden, 9, was chosen by the same judges as the city’s exhibition.

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Photo Credit: Principal Steve DiCicco. Gabbi Snowden, 9, winner of St. Michael the Archangel’s Junior Flower Show

Since 1975, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) has been hosting a Junior Flower Show for students from pre-school through high school. The mission is to connect with children in the greater Philadelphia region and encourage active participation in growing, gardening, and sustainable practices with the natural environment.

The Junior Flower Shows follow the same theme as the city’s, this year being ‘Wonders of Water.’ In 2017, more than 4,000 children in the Delaware Valley participated in the Junior Flower Show.

St. Michael’s Principal Steve DiCicco said the experience is fun and educational every year.

“It’s like a win, win for our students all the way around,” DiCicco explained. “It’s a learning experience, connected to a real-world event and you could see your work on display for a thousand maybe even a million people down there.”

Photo Credit: Principal Steve DiCicco. Gabbi Snowden’s project displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The PHS provides each school with suggested artistic or horticulture classes, and classroom projects. The judges then come to the schools’ events and select from the “Best of Show” entries. Each winner receives two Philadelphia Flower Show tickets to enjoy their work on a bigger stage.

Snowden is looking forward to going to the Convention Center to see her work, a trip the family has taken for her older brother and cousin in past years.

“I already can’t wait til next year’s Junior Flower Show,” Snowden shared.